The reason I'm coming to Wisdom 2.0 ...
"I have been live streaming this conference for a few years. Now, as a career/life coach, it's time to be in the room "where it's happening". I want to learn, share and connect with people/companies engaged in energy, mindfulness/meditation, coaching and showing up as our best selves. Cannot wait!"

What is your special skill or superpower?

Coaching/Networking/Inspiring people/groups (optimizing energy, engagement and results).
My laughter-it's contagious. My snap and clap-loud and bold-dare you to find ones that are louder/bolder. My memory/heart/curiosity and ability to recall details about a person/place/thing in the moment.

What questions or issues would you most like to explore at wisdom 2.0?

How do we move mindfulness/meditation more into the mainstream (work, politics,home,school etc.)? What can I do to facilitate that? The brain or the heart-which is the core of our being? Learn/access more tools/techniques/resources to shift energy/coach/optimize performance, engagement etc.