The reason I'm coming to Wisdom 2.0 ...
"Connection :-) I'm looking for collaborations, mentors, authors and course providers for our happiness project: We are about to launch an online community and academy to share tools and practices that empower people to live happy and fulfilled lives."

What is your special skill or superpower?

Leonard Cohen sang "there's a crack in everything, that's how the light get's in." I also see and appreciate the gem in everything onto which that light shines. Sometimes I can make it be seen by others as well.

Fixing and improvising - The fewer options exist, the more opportunities.

What questions or issues would you most like to explore at wisdom 2.0?

How can digital products enable deeper connections, kindness and personal growth?
How to build transformative online courses and a supporting community?
Where to find community managers, content, authors, course teachers who share our vision of a kind, conscious, peaceful and loving humanity?