The reason I'm coming to Wisdom 2.0 ...
"I have known of Wisdom 2.0 for years, having many friends who have either spoken or attended in the early days. I run an online travel magazine focused on spirituality, wellness + adventure/nature. I also advise companies on their marketing strategies, so the alignment is a great fit w/ Wisdom 2.0."

What is your special skill or superpower?

Connecting + making powerful connections where magic happens as a result, whether it be new initiatives, relationships or companies. I'm also a prolific writer, photographer, publicist + creator, from editor of We Blog the World & consulting to running events to acting co-curator of TEDxBerkeley.

What questions or issues would you most like to explore at wisdom 2.0?

1. How do we make living our lives & running biz's from a place of love as cool as entrepreneurship & turning a profit?
2. W/the proliferation of tech innovation, we must return to nature & be present w/people in our lives physically, not just on social media or in a virtual reality experience.

Find me online

Find my consulting business at, my magazine at & my blog at On social media, I'm @magicsaucemedia & @weblogtheworld on Twitter & @weblogtheworld elsewhere. On Instagram, am both @weblogtheworld + @luxuryfoodies for all foodies & wine lovers