The reason I'm coming to Wisdom 2.0 ...
"Connect and make friends with other like-minded people and extend my network of mindfulness professionals and practioners, as well as my knowledge, research, and practice base.
I am looking forward to learning from the speakers and connecting with them throughout the conference."

What is your special skill or superpower?

To be able to successfully blend my ying and yang in my personal and professional life. I am a full-time university professor and own and operate a company where I integrate mindfulness-based interventions and education with the intention of improving mental health and quality of life.

What questions or issues would you most like to explore at wisdom 2.0?

How can we be social justice advocates using mindfulness practices?
What is the current research on mindfulness-based practices in mental health and with people with cancer?
What are some good nuggets of information people have learned throughout their practice that has improved their life?