The reason I'm coming to Wisdom 2.0 ...
"Years ago, I began integrating wisdom practices into business and am drawn to Wisdom 2.0 to experience like-minded souls, and exchange ideas emerging in this field of conscious business and transformative practices. Moving beyond being a solopreneur, I am also in a highly vetted position search."

What is your special skill or superpower?

I am an Intuitive Business-Life Solution Bridge Builder co-creating a positive difference evoking the Extraordinary in all Beings!
People say that they most appreciate my ability to deeply comprehend a big vision, to distill detailed steps needed to manifest what's best for profit-people-planet.

What questions or issues would you most like to explore at wisdom 2.0?

What are the proactive projects emerging from the controversial "Wall against illegal aliens" and how are the resources being gathered and distributed?
Many global crises can source back to systemic issues related to greed and misappropriation - Give examples of effective solutions countering this.